*Image, data and control three in one: one-way image transmission channel; two-way digital transmission channel; one-way remote control channel

*50KM ultra-long-distance (please check the high-power 2W module for further distance requirements) wireless transmission: extreme connection efficienc brings ultra-long-distance transmission, ground-to-air actual measurement,reaching 20km beyond the line-of-sight interconnection; end-to-end equipment is not controlled by wire Restraintmaintain a high degree of freedom and mobility in space and distance

*4K high-definition images and low latency. ultra-high bandwidth and bit stream support can easily cope with 4K resolution video data streams. 200ms screen-to-screen ow delay and delay jtter sensitive control is better, meeting the end-to-end real-time requirements of video data

*H265/H264 video compression. AES encryption

*HDMI+Ethernet - HDM; HDMI+AV - HDMI; SDI+AV - HDMI optional

*The adaptive retransmission mechanism implemented at the bottom layer is not only much better than the application layer retransmission mechanism in terms of efficiency and delay, but also greatly improves the performance and user experience of the link in an interference environment.

*The module continuously detects the interference status of all available channels in real time, and when the current working hanme is nterfered, it automaticaly selects and switches to the channel with the lowest interference to ensure continuous and reliable communication.


Technical advantages 

1. Software Defined Radio (SDR) 

Modification of the communication underlying protocol gives the system the ability to continuously evolve and optimize.

Fully and effective verification for chip-based improvement, greatly reducing the risk of tapeout.

Flexible customization, improve design-win ability

2. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing(OFDM)

Effectively eliminate multipath interference under long-distance transmission

3. Low Density Check Code (LDPC)

The self-optimized design of QC-LDPC gives the system excellent error correction performance and greatly improves the receiving performance.

4. Private communication protocol

Optimized design for video transmission, optimized frame format, pilot frequency greatly improve the receiving performance of video transmission.





Transmission Range 15km, 30km, 50km Optional



495GHz, 2.4GHz-2.483GHz, (Customizable)

Band width

2.5MHz (uplink), 10MHz(downlink)


27dBm (FCC), 20dBm (CE)

Video format

720p@30fps, 720p@60fps, 1080p@30fps, 1080p@60fps






LDPC (1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6)



Downlink throughput

2.3Mbps 12Mbps

Uplink throughput



Ethernet(HDMI optional), Serial, PPM/S.BUS

Video compression


Screen to screen latency

<300ms (related to cameras)


6.8W(ground unit) / 7.8W(air unit)


77.8X47.3X23.5mm (Air unit)


97g (air unit)

Rated voltage/current

DC12V(Range: 8-15V) /1.2A (or 3S lithium battery)

Working temperature



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